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Evolution of a Brain

Everything is constantly changing

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I am so very very nice.
800 pound exhibitionists, adult swim, agnosticism, anime, asia, astral projection, aurora borealis, baking, beaches, beautiful people, beautiful stuff, beauty in truth, biking, birds, black and red, blades, britain, candles, cartoons, chains, chefs, chococat, christmas, coldplay, cowboy bebop, dancing irish jigs, dedication, divination, dmb, dragons, drawing, driving, earth, ethics, faeries, family guy, fangs, fantasy, final fantasy, final fantasy 2(4)/3(6)/7/8/10/12, final fantasy tactics, frank herbert, friends, fucking awesome hardestcore music, george r. r. martin, glitter, good health, good tattoos, great britain, groundskeeper willie, hello kitty, hiking, hugs, intelligence drugs, introspection, ireland, joel veitch, justin, learning, leonardo da vinci, linda bergkvist, little animals, live, love, m.c. escher, m.c. hammer, magic, magic the gathering, marriage, meditation, metaphysics, monty python, moogles, mozart, msi, murdering grass, music, mythology, nanotechnology, nature, nice people, nobuo uematsu, non-religious redemption, nostalgia, orgy, peewee herman, philosophy, photorealism, physics, pi, platinum, playing ball, playing in the rain, prodigy, putting make-up on men, reading, reggae, road trips, robin hobb, rpgs, sand sculpting, scotland, scottish and irish people, secret societies, silver, sincerity, singing, smart people, soft skin, south park, space ghost, sparkle sparkle sparkle, steven slootsky, sweet dreams, swords, teaching people stuff, the eastwood insurance cowboy, the iron chef, things that fly, thom yorke's bad eye, tori amos, travel, true love, twisted comedy, u2, underground hip-hop, understanding, using your mind, vampires, vast, video games, western europe, www.rathergood.com, yoga